Monday, August 11, 2014

Photo Op -- Well, Kinda.

No, those aren't driver's licenses or permits.  They are new state issued identification cards.

I decided it was time to get my oldest son, Fred, a photo ID.  Afterall, he's growing up and it's time that he's going to want to start hanging out with friends and exploring on his own.  So, I decided to take him down to our local Tax Collector's Office (otherwise known as Department of Motor Vehicles) and get him his first ID.

I don't think anyone doubts that getting a photo ID for their child can be a good thing.  I'm sure that not everyone would go to the extent of getting one from their local DMV.  But, since his identification is state issued, it will be easier in a few years to obtain his learner's permit.  He will already have his first part of identification.

Another reason, well, Fred doesn't look or act like your normal 12 year old boy.  Most people who meet him think he's 14 or 15 because of his height and maturity.  He can hold an intelligent conversation on more topics than I can count and is an eloquent speaker.  So, here's the proof positive, this is my baby!  He's just a little kid, even if he is taller than you.  Proof is right there on his ID - born in 2002!  Yeap, all 5 foot 8 of him is just a little kid.

Have you ever tried to get a driver's license in Florida?  It's not always an easy process.  You really have to prove who you are.  It took me over a year after moving to Florida to prove that I was who I was to obtain my state driver's license.  I decided then that I would eventually get the identification cards through the state for my children.  No denying it, here's Fred; and, here's Thomas.  When it's time for them to obtain their state driver's learning permits, it's going to be a whole lot easier than it would have been.

Anyone who has ever had to stand or sit waiting at a DMV would know that it can be a hassle.  But, I think it was well worth it.

P.S.  Both boys are also now listed as Organ Donors :)  I'm so proud of them.

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