Monday, August 11, 2014

Our Common Mother

Our Common Mother 

Flowing white robes cover our common mother
She wears them with grace & elegance.
Before she wore green & yellow & blue
All are her pallets - her canvases of love
We ought to love the mother we share
She cares for us and provides us food & fun
She paints our world [with] beautiful colors
She raises us with conviction & love

Oh, how do we repay her for all her work
We poison her over & over again
We divide her body in pieces between us.
We destroy our Mother!

Yet, throughout all this she cares for us
With perseverance and kindly love
How does she keep us?
Why does she not turn away?

Oh such love - such gracious perseverance
We love her even as we hurt her,
Mother, oh, mother of our world - Nature.
Protect us from what lies beyond
And, help us to understand your mysteries here.

How can we say it?
We do not speak the same language
But, Thank you Mother. Thank you dearly.

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