Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Larry The Cable Guy Strikes Again

I know.  I know.

It's Larry the Cable Guy.  Somehow, you can't help yourself eyes glued to the screen and laughing at his antics.  But, fish batter?  He has his own line of boxed mixes for different things?  I was a little skeptical.

But, you know me.  I like to try new things and I definitely like to try to expand the kids food repertoire.  So, noticed the box of fish batter at Big Lots, and the kids love Larry the Cable Guy, I had to try it.

I pulled out the skillet, followed the directions, and dinner is served!

Okay, it didn't look as good as on the packaging, and my skeptism increased.  But, food will not go to waste in this household.

I was happily surprised.  I liked it.  And, even better than that, the kids liked it.

We have added a new food item to our list of things Momma may just cook for dinner, and Larry is invited to dinner.

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