Thursday, December 22, 2016

Move On E-mail

I received an e-mail, one like so many others I've received in the past.  You see, I joined several years ago and signed a petition on something I felt strongly about.  Since then, I've signed several positions.  I don't sign everyone that I see, some are for things I believe in, and if it is something I strongly believe in and have done my homework on, I will may just add my name.  

Today's e-mail though bothered me.  It was soliciting funds.  No big deal, they do it all the time.  Usually, I ignore these solicitations.  But, something caught my eye.  ...

I like MoveOn, I like that it brings to the surface many different and worthwhile issues that in our busy lives we may overlook.  But, I do not like this.  It raised my emotions, as it was meant to do.

So, I did what I always try to do.  I tried to double check this, and it wasn't easy.  In fact, I had trouble finding Mr. Trump's direct attacks on MoveOn.  Now, supporters, that's a different matter, but I can't always blame him for what his supporters do.

The best I could do was find a quote from March 2016 after Mr. Trump cancelled a rally in Chicago:

What they've done really on the other side - it was or other groups - these are bad groups, bad groups.  These are bad people.  Let me tell you... These are people who really don't want to see our country be great again, let me tell you.
This was almost a year ago, before Mr. Trump was even the Republican candidate, much less President-Elect.

I'd like to say to Mr. Trump, we are part of this country and also very much wish our country to be great.  In fact, many of us still think it is a great country.  It has it's flaws, but all in all, it's pretty darn great.

But, I digress...

I don't appreciate that Mr. Trump had something negative to say about a group that I do find can be worthwhile.  I don't always agree with the petitions, but a big part of them is bringing the issues to light for me.  To make me question the big picture and the little picture together.

I hope that Mr. Trump has changed his mind about  It may take his supporters longer to unless he leads them by saying something directly.  I don't see that right now he has any real reason to do that, but it may happen one day.

In the meantime, just as I am calling on Trump supporters to stop the name-calling, I'm asking that of those who did not support him.  Henchmen is a strong word, and one that should not be used lightly in connection with our president-elect.


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