Friday, December 23, 2016

Inciting Racism

Another article read that can do nothing but incite problems.

The first article I saw when I opened up my Yahoo browser today was "Bill O'Reilly says 'the left wants power taken away from the white establishment'".

This is not what America is supposed to be!  The article was bad enough to incite anger, but the comments ... is this really how the far right feels?  That females, non-whites, non-Christians are a problem, that we should all bow down to the white male Christian?

I know many people who are on the right, and I've never heard such bologna from any of them.  Is this words that they are afraid to say?  I truly would hope not.

Guess what?  This country was built on the backs of immigrants, women, and minorities, all of whom have contributed to this country.  There should be no question that they deserve just as much of a say in what makes this country as anyone else.

In 2008, when the presidential race was Romney vs. Obama, I was excited.  Want to know why?  Because, I truly believed we had come so far as a country.  I believed that, for once, that the race was putting aside religion and race, and that we would be able to look at the actual policies and principals of the individuals.  At first, after the 2008 election, it looked like that was true.  But, as the years went on, I heard more about race and religious issues than I had ever heard in my adult life.  Now, it seems that race is becoming an even bigger issue, and it's one that makes me fearful for my friends and neighbors.  I will continue to raise my children that there people are people regardless of color of their skin or the house of worship they attend.  I will not succumb to this racist anger that is being perpetrated.

If this far right that is now to be in charge of this fine country of ours wants to accomplish anything, then the first thing that has to happen is address this part of their constituency.  To address the fact that yes, there is white privileged, and find ways to ensure that all people in this country are represented.  I truly hope that this is not how Mr. Trump feels.  I fear that it may be, but I still have hope that as he faces the responsibilities of being president and representative of such a diverse country that he will look and see the accomplishments of it, and will see the injustices that have been carried out.

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